Learning the rules and sub-rules Week 18

  1. Section one must be completed three times, in succession.
  2. Section two must be completed two times, in succession.
  3. Section three must be completed once.
  4. You can throw all six paper aeroplanes with one large collective throw (rather than individually throwing them) in section one and two. However, this method of throwing can only be used once for either section.
  5. All six paper aeroplanes must land in the designated section before the next section can be aimed for.
  6. If a paper aeroplane misses the section you must continue to throw the remaining paper aeroplanes before collecting all the paper aeroplanes and starting again (for clarity see rule seven).
  7. At all times each paper aeroplane must land entirely in the right section, if not that section must be redone in full with all six paper aeroplanes, apart from the third section where you need only re-throw the paper aeroplanes that missed.
  8. All paper aeroplanes must be thrown from the same spot, regardless of the section you are aiming for.
  9. Each time your paper aeroplane lands in the wrong section you are unable to use a certain limb in the following order,
    1. Balancing on right leg, down to kneeling on left knee, right arm behind back, right knee down (kneeling on both knees), left arm behind back.
    2. At which point you must recollect all of your paper aeroplanes regardless of your success or position within the task before you regain use of these limbs in reverse, each time your paper aeroplane lands in the wrong section.
    3. Left arm back in use, raise to right knee (kneeling on left knee), right arm back in use, balancing on right leg, regain all limbs
    4. Repeat rule nine throughout the task.
  1. The fragment is only finished when all three participants have tied their six paper aeroplanes to the string dangling from the ceiling.
  2. The last person throwing their paper aeroplanes can move straight to the third section, once the other two participants have each attached their six paper aeroplanes to the dangling string, unless the said person is already in the third section.

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